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In the Sea

“In this world you will have trouble.”
(John 16:33)

“If you are alive and breathing, you will have trouble in this world. Either you will hunt the dragon, or the dragon will hunt you. There is no escaping it.”
(Jim Burgen)

Sea monsters
jump and dive
with gaping mouths
and teeth of daggers
never satisfied.
Hunt for the next meal
composed of human
souls, men and
women of faith.

Pray and work, then
pray and work.
Gasp for breath,
just one more
breath before going
under yet again.
Remember how to swim,
reach and kick. The surface
is not out of reach.

Relax and float,
trust the arms, strong
arms of support
bearing the weight.
Yes, float and trust.
Risk a breath now –
breathe –
air fresh and new.


International Yoga Day!

Happy International Yoga Day (June 21)! In gratitude to mother India for giving us the great science of Yoga.

Planet Earth has been blessed by the profound teachings of Yoga, which go so far beyond stretching and strengthening our physical bodies: The ethical practices, the training in concentration and meditation, the emphasis on selfless service (karma yoga), devotion to the Divine (bhakti yoga)… and the list goes on!

In gratitude to the Yoga Masters who came in particular to the United States to teach. I’m thinking of Swami Vivekananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Rama, and Swami Satchidananda in particular. The ancient teachings given to the modern world are priceless.

In gratitude to my guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda, for showing us how to use the practices of Yoga to bring us an easeful body and a peaceful mind – to be in service to making this world a better place! For Integral Yoga, the LOTUS, etc.

OM shanti, shanti, shanti… Peace to all!

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Commitment to Wellness

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