Eco-friendly Yoga Mats

Looking for Yoga-related gifts for others or for yourself? Check out this comprehensive guide to choosing eco-friendly Yoga mats based on in-depth reviews at Consumers Advocate. I admit I’d never heard of some of these mats, so it’s exciting to know we have these great options available to us. The article is here.

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Join me on Moxie for online Yoga and fitness classes

Greetings! My online classes will move to Moxie next Wednesday, December 16th. Check it out! I teach Yoga on Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons. I added Core Training (30 mins) before Yoga on Wednesdays, and added Low Impact Cardio (45 mins) before Yoga on Saturdays. Payment is by credit card only on Moxie. You can subscribe for video access only, attend live classes only (“flex pay”), or both! Message me privately if you need payment options. ❤

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The Importance of Self-Care

When I was studying to become a mental health counselor, we talked a lot about “self-care.” Indeed, when we’re busy with daily responsibilities and taking care of other people, it’s critical to remember to get our own needs met in order to have the strength to continue serving. This line of thinking caused me to feel sad for the many people who have overextended themselves in life, and now feel “stuck” and unable to draw back and practice self-care. Learning to say “No” to additional demands is critical.

Young people: Be careful about taking on too many responsibilities and becoming burned out, stressed out. Many of your elders have made this mistake and are now suffering the consequences. Take your time learning about yourself and being honest about your capacities. This is not a recommendation to become lazy or complacent, but rather an invitation to be authentic about who you are, and what you can handle.

May we all remember to care for our own continuum of body/mind/spirit, to nurture ourselves with time in nature and in silence, to recharge our own inner batteries – and THEN move out joyfully into our service of others and the world.

Be well!

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Online Yoga Practice Group

Greetings! Please connect with me on Facebook to be added to my private (hidden) Online Yoga Practice Group.

The Facebook Group is a place where I provide live online yoga practice sessions. Current schedule: Mondays 5:30PM (deep stretch with guided meditation), Wednesdays 5:30PM (Slow Flow Yoga), Saturdays 10:00AM (Slow Flow Yoga), Sundays 4:00PM (Slow Flow Yoga, 75 mins).
Eastern time zone
All multi-level sessions
All donation-based, suggested is $5-$20 per class via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal
All people are welcome!

Find me here:

Eight Limbs of Yoga workshop

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a poem I wrote in 2016…


To hide from this brutal
world, I jam myself
into the corner of a room
where two sturdy walls
meet, promising me
shelter – while storms
rage without and within.
Farther and farther
into the corner I’m smashed,
becoming smaller
but more real – dense – strong
as the walls themselves.
Stronger: A black hole,
infinitely condensed.
Here I sit waiting, forgetting
to breathe for millennia, anticipating
the much-desired explosion birthing
brilliant new worlds, billions
of whole babies nursing on love, proving
that Love is – indeed –
stronger than death.