Yoga at Onelife Fitness

I’ve had some inquiries lately about where to find my in-person classes locally. I’m still teaching at Onelife Fitness (Norfolk, VA) on Sunday mornings at 10:05. The 60-minute multi-level class is called Slow Flow Yoga and incorporates strength, flexibility, and balance work with attention to breath and body awareness. I focus on mindful attention to the body’s connection with the earth in each pose/exercise as well as proper form and alignment for safety. I give modifications and options to allow each student to work at their own pace. My goal is to leave you feeling refreshed and calm with balanced energy levels. All classes at Onelife Fitness are open to members and may be accessed by guests for a small fee. Come join my dedicated group of 18-25 practitioners!

Note: I’m almost always there on Sundays. Occasionally, the class is covered by a substitute. You can check ahead of time by visiting the website for Onelife Fitness HERE.

Receiving an award for Instructor of the Year at Onelife Fitness